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Introduction to Implant Dentistry


Course Description


This is a  2+1 day course to introduce the dentist to dental implants and to provide the necessary skills for dental implant restoration and maintenance.

A mix of lectures, Q+A, practical hands-on on models and pigs' heads and a live surgery demonstration.

An extra day is also available for those wishing to review or improve their oral surgery skills.



  • Dates: 7th, 8th , 9th June 2024

  • Location: Regency House Dental Education Centre, 28 St Peters Street, St Albans, AL1 3NA

  • (Venue may change within the St Albans area)

  • Times: Friday, Saturday 9.00 am to 5.30pm, Sunday 10am to 4pm

  • Parking: Available at the Civic Centre Park Park - Click Here for Location

  • Enhanced CPD hours: 14, Outcomes A and C

  • Fee: Single Day £350 - All three days £900 (no VAT)

  • Maximum number of delegates: 10




Please email to register your interest to:


Aims and Objectives


  • To understand the basics of dental implant biology..

  • To understand the principles of dental implant planning and surgery.

  • To understand and develop practical skills in dental implant restoration and maintenance.

  • A basic understanding of bone and soft tissue grafting techniques and their implementation.


  • Surgical skills day: To improve incision, flap raising and suturing techniques for implant surgery.


Course Outcome


At the end of the course the dentist will have a good general understanding of the basic principles of implant dentistry to enable them to discuss implant options with their patients and to communicate with their dental implant colleagues.


The candidate should also have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to provide simple dental implant restoration and maintenance for implementation in their own practice.

Course instructors


Ahmed Naji - Implant Surgeon

Jean- Jacques Khamis - Prosthodontist

Punit Shah - Prosthodontist

Ali Abdellatif - Implant Surgeon


Course Outline


Day 1 - Basic Surgical Skills Day


  • Dental extraction techniques relevant to dental implants

  • Ridge preservation - options and when to use

  • Incisions and flaps: blood supply, healing, flap design. Periosteal release, split thickness, coronal advancement

  • Flap closure and suturing - mattress sutures, continuous sutures, sling, double-0

  • Instruments for suturing - what to use and when

  • Suture materials and needles - what to use and when

  • Practise on animal tongues and heads

  • Bone harvesting techniques (animal heads)

  • Soft tissue grafting technique overview and practical (animal heads)


  • Duration 8 hours 

  • vCPD 7 hours



Day 2 - Implant Surgery


Basic science

  • Osseointegration

  • Bone biology

  • Soft tissue biology and the soft tissue interface with dental implants

Types of dental implants and their uses

  • Bone level

  • Tissue level

  • Tapered 

  • Optimum lengths and diameters

  • Types of connection and their uses

  • Identifying implant systems (whatimplantisthat)

Dental implant planning 

  • Clinical assessment 

  • Radiographic assessment 

  • Complexity assessment

  • Surgical stents and guides

Practice session on models

  • Single implant placement

  • Multiple placements

Live surgery 

  • Streaming to lecture room and attendance maximum 2 at a time


Review, Discussion and Questions

  • Duration 8 hours 

  • vCPD 7 hours


Day 3 - Implant Prosthetics


  • Understanding implant prosthodontics

  • Classification and planning

  • Abutments

  • Connections 

  • Screw-retained vs Cemented

  • Immediate provisional restorations

  • Impression and scanning techniques:

  • Open tray vs closed tray

  • Customised impression copings

  • Fitting single implant crowns

  • Occlusal considerations in dental implants

  • Fitting implant bridges

  • Brief overview of full arch restorations


Assessment and maintenance of dental implants in general practice

  • How to examine and assess dental implants

  • How to maintain dental implants

  • Dental Implant hygiene

  • Complications and troubleshooting


  • Duration 8 hours 

  • vCPD 7 hours


Further education

This course would enable the participant to restore and maintain dental implants. Dentists wishing to surgically  place dental implants will be invited to join our BSID-mentored dental implants programme which began  in January 2024 and our hands-on surgical training programme in Cairo, Egypt.

New cohort in September 2024

Course fees


£350 per individual day, £900 for all three days

Candidates can choose to do all 3 days or select their preferred days.

Maximum number of candidates: 10 per day


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