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BSID Certificate in Implant Dentistry

soon to be available online.

  • This course will begin in September 2020 and will cover all aspects of implant dentistry.

  • Training will be conducted using the latest accelerated learning techniques to ensure full involvement of candidates and retention of knowlede and skills. 

  • Lectures will be presented in the UK at two dental practices situated in North London and St Albans.

  • Elevation to Diploma level is offered upon completion of mentoring, requirements, essays and tests.

  • Hands on-training on plastic models and pigs heads will be provided at the modular courses in the UK.

  • Further training on live patients will be offered in conjunction with our partner associations in Egypt.

  • Mentoring to teach on live patients in the UK will also be available for those unable to travel to Egypt and will contribute to the Diploma level.

  • Guest speakers/trainers will include an ENT surgeon, a general surgeon, a physician, a medico-legal expert, a marketing expert, and a life-coach or occupational psychologist

Course dates

September 2020 - Course 1: Implant Prosthodontics (2 days)

October 2020 - Course 2: Implant Surgery (3 days)

November 2020 - Course 3: Implant maintenance and problem-solving (1 day)

November 2020 - Course 4: Radiology

January 2021 - Course 5: Bone and Soft tissue augmentation (2 days)

February 2021 - Course 6: The Maxillary Sinus (2 days)

March 2021 - Course 7: Aesthetics and dental implant placement (1 Day)

March 2021 - Course 8: The business of Implant Dentistry (1 Day)

May 2021 - finalisation of cases and assessments for Diploma Level

Supplementary courses to be held twice a year (dates TBA) 

- Nurse training fro Dental Implantology

December 2020

Egypt - live patient surgery 

April 2021

Egypt - Live patient surgery and prosthetics (impressions and restoration)


Course fees:

Certificate course: all weekend lecture dates and practical training £6,900

Diploma £9,600: All certificate training plus mentoring for 5 cases and assessments by external assessor

Egypt hands-on courses: TBA

Implant kits: Candidates wishing to place or restore implants in their practices will require their own implant kits. These may be available through BSID at reduced cost. Please inquire.


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