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Dental Implant Education, Training and Symposia


BSID is your platform

For those who seek evidence to provide innovative and pragmatic patient-centered care, BSID offers a range of activities curated with three stakeholders in mind: Patients, Dental Professionals, and Industry

Patients demand long-lasting predictable treatments that represent good value for money. The dental profession strives to meet the patients' demands by providing evidence-based pragmatic solutions which rely on innovation and research from the industry.

BSID believes in a holistic approach to dental implantology as over the years there has been mounting evidence of the importance of understanding the links between dental implants as devices, and the host response from patients, and the clinical decision-making process between dentists, laboratory techinicians, dental technologists and ultimately the patient.

BSID Certificate in Implant Dentistry


  • This course will begin in September 2020 and will cover all aspects of implant dentistry.

  • Training will be conducted using the latest accelerated learning techniques to ensure full involvement of candidates and retention of knowlede and skills. 

  • Lectures will be presented in the UK at two dental practices situated in North London and St Albans.

  • Elevation to Diploma level is offered upon completion of mentoring, requirements, essays and tests.

  • Hands on-training on plastic models and pigs heads will be provided at the modular courses in the UK.

  • Further training on live patients will be offered in conjunction with our partner associations in Egypt.

  • Mentoring to teach on live patients in the UK will also be available for those unable to travel to Egypt and will contribute to the Diploma level.

  • Guest speakers/trainers will include an ENT surgeon, a general surgeon, a physician, a medico-legal expert, a marketing expert, and a life-coach or occupational psychologist